• You’re recalibrating your human meter

    The Tasches Necklet


    You need something more than statuses and photos to like.

  • Something that’s not on your phone. Something that’s NOT your phone.

    The Aquaria Bundled Chain Necklace


    Something beyond pixels. Something that doesn’t scroll or swipe.

  • Something loveable, real. Something precious, prompting a visceral response.

    The Aquaria Necklet


    Something that retains attention, making you see authenticity.

  • Something you can have and hold

    The Fische Bundled Chain Necklace


    Wherever, whenever

  • Something light. Something strong.

    The Fische Necklet


    Something you show.

  • Something born from wit. Something that needs time to make.

    The Fische Chain Necklace


    Something proudly made with someone’s hands and attention.

  • Something beyond trend. Something with value.

    The Aquaria Chain Necklace


    Something you add value to. Something that adds value to you.

  • Something that’ll make you feel good.

    The Tasches Chain Necklace


    Something that’ll make you look good

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