When you’re out to brunch on a lazy Sunday or waiting at the bar before you get seated at that place you scored reservations for weeks ago and people randomly fawn over your awesome made-to-order necklace, they’ll see your radness and you'll have something to talk about, which is the point! Extra points for you when you reference pointillism as the necklace’s inspiration. 

If versatility is your thing, know this: you can wear the necklet two ways – as a necklace or a bracelet!

  • Necklace features a 10 mm light-weight wooden bauble. Each bauble is hand-painted and varnished for a luxurious and durable finish
  • Chain is plated in gold (for tangerine bauble), brass (for magenta bauble), metallic black and silver (for black bauble) and measures 18 inches, hanging past the collar bone.

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